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Celebrating 75 Years in Business!

Est. 1947

What was happening 75 years ago?

Harry S Truman was president and signed the National Security Act of 1947 into law, creating the Central Intelligence Agency, the Department of Defense, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and the National Security Council.

A supposedly downed extraterrestrial spacecraft is reportedly found in the Roswell UFO incident near Roswell, New Mexico.

While only 80% of all Americans had radios in their homes – The World Series games are broadcast on television for the first time. The New York Yankees defeated the Brooklyn Dodgers, 4 games to 3.

A postage stamp was 3 cents, a loaf of bread was 12 cents, a gallon of gas was 23 cents, and a gallon of milk was 80 cents.

Most Importantly; Hull Electric, Inc. was established!

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