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How Heated Gear Works to Improve Performance

Nordic ski racers know the importance of being warm and dry. The difference between staying warm on the chairlift and freezing on a downhill can be as simple as wearing a sweat-wicking, breathable training layer and heated gloves. Whether you are an outdoor athlete or just looking to increase your comfort zone, high-quality heated gear is one of the easiest ways to stay comfortable in harsh conditions.

Below are some ways in which heated gear works to improve performance.

Improved Speed

Warm clothing improves several athletic functions. However, it can also significantly affect your performance ability, particularly when it comes to running and cycling. Heated gear has significant gains in performance for athletes new to these sports. The exact reasons for these improvements are yet to be worked out. one theory is that warmer temperatures make athletes feel more comfortable on their bikes. With this, they are more confident about their ability to execute.

Increased Stamina

Increased heat and moisture management mean you can train for more extended periods. In turn, this leads to high endurance. This is particularly important for outdoor athletes who compete in endurance events. These events are cross country skiing, mountain biking, and other long-distance events. Runners who prefer colder temperatures achieve a higher maximum running velocity after wearing warm clothing than runners who prefer warmer temperatures.

Decreased Risk of Hypothermia

A constantly cold athlete is at risk of getting frostbite or hypothermia. Hypothermia is a potentially fatal condition where the body’s core temperature drops below 33 degrees Celsius (91.4F). It is important to note that some systems regulate the body’s temperature. When it cannot warm itself up in cold conditions, the body loses heat faster than it can produce. When hypothermia occurs, your normal metabolic processes begin to slow. People may experience muscular weakness and memory loss. If hypothermia is not treated right away, your heart rate and blood pressure will decrease drastically. This leads to cardiac or respiratory failure.

Enhanced Personal Safety

Once your body starts to lose its ability to regulate its temperature, it can be devastating. A core temperature that is too low can also have serious consequences. A pilot, soldier, or outdoor athlete who relies on their body to perform critical tasks needs to be warm. If they are not, they risk making mistakes and, in some cases, losing consciousness altogether.

Improved Overall Comfort

As you might imagine from the name, heated gear helps keep you warm when cold outside. It does this by extending your comfort zone. When it is cold out, your body’s ability to maintain heat can be tested. If worn correctly, heated apparel will protect you against climate extremes. Heated apparel will also keep you comfortable in all conditions, even when the temperature dips below zero.

The best way to stay warm is to wear what keeps you safe, comfortable, and inaction. People can achieve this by wearing heated clothing. The science behind how heated gear works is not complicated to understand. When the heated gear is activated, the wires woven into your fabric begin to conduct electricity. As a result, it heats the surrounding material. This creates a warm microclimate around your body and helps you stay dry.

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