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Heated Hoodies

When It's Cold, Stay Warm With Heated Hoodies

When it gets cold outside, just having warm clothes may not be enough. This is especially true when you have to spend a lot of time either outdoors or in an unheated space. A cold wind will go right through many clothing items, and having many layers often means it's hard to move around. What is the solution? One great solution is to use heated hoodies. When you wear a heated hoodie, it has its own heating elements that allow it to stay warm no matter what the weather is like. If you spend a lot of time in unheated conditions, heated hoodies can keep you comfortable when many of your clothing items don't. Heated hoodies use carbon fiber heating elements to both create heat and to carry it to the check and back of the garment. Select one of three heat settings on the LED controller to make it as warm as you want.

One way to stay warm on a cold day is to wear a heated jacket. Heated jackets use batteries and an advanced heat technology system that uses heating elements made from lightweight carbon fiber. The fabric construction of our heated jackets is enhanced by the functionality of the Quick-Heat system. The liners inside the jackets deliver steady heat that will outlast any blast of cold. Our heated jackets are made from a tough polyester that stretches and moves well, so you won't be impeded as you work. The battery can be placed in the front or the back for extra convenience, and the jackets are made to be ultra-comfortable. They are available in a range of colors and sizes, and they are perfect for a cold job site or a long walk outside in the cold. Don't be without one of our heated jackets for the winter.

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