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Best Battery Prices Around

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Why Rayovac?

Over 110 years of development and thinking about batteries so you can think about them less. That’s why when you purchase RAYOVAC®, you’re getting a battery that’s backed by the Rayovac three key

promises:  A Powerful Product, A Fair Price & An American Commitment


Tips and tricks to keep your device going stronger, longer

There are tons of myths about alkaline batteries, but here’s what you actually need to know to ensure your RAYOVAC® batteries are providing the performance we stand behind.

Tips and tricks:

Never mix battery types (Alkaline, NiMH, Zinc Carbon)

When the lower-performance batteries are exhausted, the longer-lasting batteries will force discharge current through them, which can cause corrosion and hydrogen gas formation. No fun!

Never mix old & new batteries

If you mix old and new batteries, you’ll only get the performance of the old, lower-performance battery. Plus, you’ll risk the same issues as above: corrosion and hydrogen gas formation. Stick to new batteries only.

Remove batteries from any device that will be stored

Many devices don’t turn off completely when not in use, so they still use a small amount of power. If a device is stored this way for an extended period of time, like months or years, the batteries can run out and corrode. Not what you want when you dig that old toy out of the closet!

Don’t leave battery-powered devices switched on

If your batteries have died, make sure you turn your device off and remove the old batteries. Even when the device won’t work, it still uses a small amount of power that is left in the battery, which causes hydrogen gas to form inside the battery. This can cause corrosion in as little as two weeks. Turn that device off!

Don’t immediately throw away batteries that have been in a cold environment

Cold temperatures (below freezing) decrease battery power, so let your batteries warm up to normal temperature and try them again, before you decide to replace them. Let yourself warm up, too!

Store your batteries at room temperature

Heat over 85ºF can shorten battery life and power delivery, so store your batteries in a cool, dry place. Think closet, instead of garage.

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