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Powered by M12™ REDLITHIUM™ Battery Technology, Milwaukee® M12™ Heated Hoodies use carbon fiber heating elements to create and distribute heat to the chest and back. A one-touch LED controller allows users to select from three heat settings, delivering ideal heat for any environment. The new Quick-Heat function allows users to feel heat 3X faster than previous hoodies and market competitors. Combining a durable cotton/polyester exterior with a waffle weave thermal lining, the hoodie provides a versatile three-season solution to keep heat in and allow users to shed bulky layers.

M12™ Heated Hoodie Kit

  • (1)M12™ Heated Hoodie(302-20)
    (1)M12™ REDLITHIUM™ CP1.5 Battery Pack(48-11-2401)
    (1)M12™ Lithium-ion Battery Charger (48-59-2401)
    (1)M12™ Battery Holder

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