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Updated: Dec 12, 2021

When the temperatures drop and winter takes hold, there is no better way to get outside than with gear that keeps you warm and dry. Heated clothing does just that by providing even warmth throughout the torso and arms or legs. As you shop for heated clothing, here are some factors to consider:

Size of the clothing

Some heated clothes come in sets that can fit over your regular clothes, while others easily fit under them. Be sure to pick a pair of pants or boots that will fit under your cold-weather apparel, whether it is a ski jacket, coat, snowsuit, or rain gear. For outerwear specifically designed for wearing over other clothing items, make sure they are not bulky or awkward in size.

Pockets and Accessories

If you are using a battery pack to power your heated jacket, pants, or gloves, ensure there are enough pockets to store it and any other accessories you will need while outside. Heated gloves are a great example of this because they often have a pocket on the back of the hand that can store the battery and an extra heat control switch.

Price of the clothing

The other factor you need to consider is the price. The prices can vary in different places, but you must find one on your budget to not go over budget when shopping for heated clothing. Additionally, different types of heated clothing can last longer than others depending on their quality and battery life, so the more expensive clothes are not always better than the less expensive ones. Therefore, knowing how long you want your garment to last before needing to be replaced is important in determining which product is right for you.

Battery charge storage

Another factor to consider when shopping for heated clothing is how long you want your battery to last before needing to be charged again. The length of time varies depending on the product itself and its external factors such as speed and weather conditions. You can find out by either looking at the product description or consulting customer reviews.

Warranty of the clothing

Most heated clothing products come with a warranty, but be sure to check before you buy. This is especially important if you plan on using your heated gear in extreme conditions. The last thing you want is a broken heating element to ruin your outdoor fun.

Power Source

The other factor to consider is the power source. Heated clothing can be powered by batteries, plugs, or solar panels. Batteries are the most common type of power source and come in either disposable or rechargeable. Rechargeable batteries are usually found in jackets, gloves, and pants, while disposable batteries are used. There are also solar-powered heated clothing options that can be plugged into an outlet to charge them up. The last type of power source is a plug that plugs directly into the wall, so there is no need for any other power source except for occasionally charging it up through the use of an outlet.

When it comes time to surround yourself with warmth for the winter season, make sure your purchase is versatile enough to handle changing weather conditions and is made with quality materials that will provide even warmth throughout.

Hull Electric guarantees top notch heated clothing for the cold season. Email us today on for any inquiries and more information about heated wear.

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